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      RS 23:1126     


§1126.  Monitoring procedures of toxic substances in places of employment; access to records; penalties

Whenever any employer shall order or permit to be performed any procedure for the purpose of monitoring, detection or otherwise establishing the presence of any toxic substance, it shall be the duty of said employer, within thirty days of written request therefor, to provide each employee or his representative access to such employer records as will indicate such employee's own exposure to such toxic substances.  In those instances where, with just cause, the employer is unable to provide such access within the time specified, he shall have the obligation to provide such access when the records become available.  Any employer who shall fail to so furnish such access without just cause within thirty days from demand therefor shall be liable to a civil penalty of one thousand dollars payable to the state together with all costs and attorney's fees for the enforcement of this Section in a civil proceeding brought by such employee or his representative.

Added by Acts 1976, No. 242, §1.

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