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      RS 23:1161     



§1161.  Insurance policies; application of provisions; approval by insurance commissioner; admitted carriers; exceptions

A.  Every policy for the insurance of the compensation herein provided for, or against liability therefor, shall be deemed to be made subject to the provisions of this Chapter.  No company or association shall enter into any such policy of insurance unless its form has been approved by the insurance commissioner, and no domestic insurance company shall be denied servicing carrier status.

B.  Except as provided in R.S. 23:1195 et seq., every insurance policy or contract to provide workers' compensation insurance shall be written in accordance with either of the following:

(1)  By an insurer organized pursuant to R.S. 22:61 through 69, or admitted pursuant to Subpart K of Part I of Chapter 2 of Title 22 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, to do business in Louisiana, except policies of an industrial insured meeting one of the following qualifications, and electing to secure an insurance policy with an insurer which is not admitted to do business in Louisiana:

(a)  An insured who procures the insurance policy by use of the services of a full-time employee acting as an insurance manager or buyer.

(b)  An insured whose aggregate annual premium for insurance on all risks totals at least twenty-five thousand dollars.

(c)  An insured having at least twenty-five full-time employees.

(2)  Pursuant to and in accordance with R.S. 23:1167.

Acts 1986, No. 889, §1; Acts 1986, No. 1021, §2; Acts 2001, No. 927, §1, eff. June 26, 2001; Acts 2008, No. 415, §2, eff. Jan. 1, 2009.

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