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      RS 23:1201.3     


§1201.3. Failure to pay compensation; judgment and execution; interest; revocation or suspension of insurer's license

            A. If payment of compensation or an installment payment of compensation due under the terms of an award, except in case of appeals from an award, is not made within ten days after the same is due by the employer or insurance carrier liable therefor, the workers' compensation judge may order a certified copy of the award to be filed in the office of the clerk of court of any parish, which award whether accumulative or lump sum, when recorded in the mortgage records, shall be a judicial mortgage as provided in Civil Code Article 3299. Any compensation awarded and all payments thereof directed to be made by order of the workers' compensation judge shall bear judicial interest from the date compensation was due until the date of satisfaction. The interest rate shall be fixed at the rate in effect on the date the claim for benefits was filed with the office of workers' compensation administration.

            B. Upon the filing of the certified copy of the workers' compensation judge's award a writ of execution shall issue and process shall be executed and the cost thereof taxed, as in the case of writs of execution, on judgments of courts of record, as provided by the Louisiana Code of Civil Procedure.

            C. If any insurance carrier intentionally, knowingly, or willfully violates any of the provisions of the Worker's Compensation Act, the insurance commissioner, on the request of a workers' compensation judge or the assistant secretary, shall suspend or revoke the license or authority of such insurance carrier to do compensation business in this state.

            D. The provisions of this Section relating to the execution and process for the enforcement of awards shall be and are cumulative to other provisions now existing or which may hereafter be adopted relating to liens or enforcement of awards or claims for compensation.

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