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      RS 23:1310.11     


§1310.11. Deposit of fees in Workers' Compensation Administration Fund

            A. The assistant secretary shall provide by rule for a fee not to exceed fifty dollars to be collected in each dispute, which such fee shall be taxed as costs to be paid by the party against whom any award becomes final. Such fee shall be collected by the assistant secretary at the time of filing, unless a request is contemporaneously submitted by an indigent party seeking waiver of costs and such request is granted by the office of workers' compensation administration. The fee shall not be reassessed against any applicant who has made such payment prior to July 18, 1990.

            B. When a request for waiver of costs is denied by the office of workers' compensation administration, the party shall submit the filing fee to the office of workers' compensation administration within five days of the date of denial. If the party fails to comply with this requirement, the original filing of the pleading shall be deemed to have no force or effect.

            C. All fees collected under the provisions of this Section shall be deposited to the credit of the Workers' Compensation Administration Fund.

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