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      RS 23:1412     


§1412.  Workplace safety program

A.(1)  The board shall direct the corporation to formulate, implement, and monitor a workplace safety program for policyholders.

(2)  The work program shall specify a list of standard industrial classifications of policyholders.

(3)  The representatives of the corporation shall have reasonable access to the premises of any policyholder or applicant during regular working hours.

(4)  The manager shall notify each policyholder in writing as to how he is to comply with the program.

B.  The failure or refusal by any policyholder or applicant to comply with reasonable safety requirements or to permit such access as provided for in Paragraph (A)(3) shall be sufficient grounds for having its workers' compensation insurance coverage surcharged, nonrenewed, or canceled, or an applicant for such coverage denied.

Acts 1991, No. 814, §1, eff. Nov. 20, 1991; Acts 1992, No. 374, §1.

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