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      RS 23:1491     




§1491.  Establishment and control

There is established as a special fund, separate and apart from all public moneys or funds of this state, an unemployment compensation fund, which shall be administered by the administrator exclusively for the purpose of this Chapter.  This fund shall consist of (1) all contributions collected pursuant to this Chapter, together with any interest thereon collected pursuant to R.S. 23:1543 through R.S. 23:1551; (2) all fines and penalties collected pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter; (3) interest earned upon any moneys in the fund; (4) any property or securities acquired through the use of moneys belonging to the fund; (5) all earnings of such property or securities; (6) all moneys credited to this state's account in the unemployment trust fund pursuant to Section 903 of the social security act, as amended;1 and (7) all other moneys received for the fund from any other source.  All moneys in the fund shall be mingled and undivided.

Amended by Acts 1959, No. 4, §1.

142 U.S.C.A.  §1103.

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