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      RS 23:1494     


§1494.  Management of fund upon discontinuance of unemployment trust fund

The provisions of R.S. 23:1491 through R.S. 23:1493 to the extent that they relate to the unemployment trust fund, shall be operative only so long as such unemployment trust fund continues to exist and so long as the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States of America continues to maintain for this state a separate book account of all funds deposited therein by this state for benefit purposes, together with this state's proportionate share of the earnings of such unemployment trust fund, from which no other state is permitted to make withdrawals.  If and when such unemployment trust fund ceases to exist, or such separate book account is no longer maintained, all moneys, properties, or securities therein, belonging to the unemployment compensation fund of this state shall be administered by the administrator as a trust fund for the purpose of paying benefits under this act, and the administrator shall have authority to hold, invest, transfer, sell, deposit, and release such moneys, and any properties, securities or earnings acquired as an incident to such administration; provided, that such moneys shall be invested in the following readily marketable classes of securities: bonds or other interest-bearing obligations of the United States of America; bonds which are the direct obligations of the State of Louisiana or any political subdivision thereof which has not defaulted in the payment of any of its bonded indebtedness during the twenty years preceding such investment; and provided that such investment shall at all times be so made that all the assets of the fund shall always be readily convertible into cash when needed for the payment of benefits.

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