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      RS 23:1544     


§1544.  Suit to enforce payment of delinquent contributions; hearing by preference; procedure

If, after due notice, any employer defaults in any payment of contributions, interest or penalties, the amount due may be collected by civil action in the name of the administrator and the employer adjudged in default shall pay the cost of such action.  An action brought under this Section shall be heard by the court at the earliest possible date and shall be entitled to preference upon the calendar of the court over all other actions except petitions for judicial review under this Chapter and cases arising under Chapter 10 of this Title.  The action may be by rule under summary process to show cause within seven days why payment should not be made as demanded, and may be tried out of term time or in chambers.  If the defendant fails to appear and show cause in response to the rule, the rule shall be made absolute, and judgment rendered accordingly.

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