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      RS 23:1627     


§1627.  Determination in labor dispute cases

Whenever any claim involves the application of the provisions of R.S. 23:1601(4) the individual handling the claim shall, if so directed by the administrator, promptly transmit all the evidence with respect to such case to the administrator.  The administrator or the representatives he may designate shall, on the basis of the evidence submitted and such additional evidence as he may require, make a determination with respect thereto.  Such determination shall be the final decision on the claim, unless within fifteen days after the date notification was given or was mailed to a party's last known address, an appeal is filed with an appeal referee.

Amended by Acts 1960, No. 404, §1; Acts 1976, No. 317, §1; Acts 2001, No. 1165, §2.

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