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      RS 23:1633     


§1633.  Rule of decision

The final decisions of the board of review, or of an appeal referee, and the principles of law declared by it in arriving at such decisions, unless expressly or impliedly overruled by a later decision of the board of review or by a court of competent jurisdiction, shall be binding upon the administrator and any appeal referee in subsequent proceedings which involve similar questions of law, provided that if in connection with any subsequent proceeding the administrator or an appeal referee has serious doubt as to the correctness of any principle so declared he may certify his findings of fact in such case, together with the question of law involved, to the board of review, which, after giving notice and reasonable opportunity for hearing upon the law to all parties to such proceeding, shall thereupon certify to the administrator, the appeal referee and the parties, its answers to the question submitted.  If the question certified arises in connection with a claim for benefits, the board of review in its discretion may remove to itself the entire proceedings on such claim, and, after proceeding in accordance with the requirements with respect to proceedings before an appeal referee, shall render its decision under R.S. 23:1630, and shall be subject to judicial review within the same time and to the same extent.

Acts 2001, No. 1165, §2.

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