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      RS 23:1635     


§1635.  Prompt payment of claims

A.  If benefits are payable in any amount pursuant to a determination, redetermination, or a decision of an appeal referee, the board of review, or any court, such amount shall be promptly paid upon the issuance of such determination, redetermination or decision regardless of any appeal, or of the pendency of the time for filing such appeal unless and until such determination, redetermination or decision has been modified or reversed by a subsequent redetermination or decision, in which event benefits shall be paid or denied in accordance therewith for weeks of unemployment beginning subsequent to such redetermination or decision.

B.  However, if any such decision to pay benefits is finally modified or reversed so as to deny benefits, the modification or reversal shall apply to all weeks of unemployment benefits involved in such modification or reversal from the date the claim was filed, and all such benefits erroneously paid shall be subject to recoupment or offset in accordance with R.S. 23:1713.

Amended by Acts 1972, No. 337, §11.  Amended by Acts 1983, 1st Ex. Sess., No. 2, §2, eff. April 3, 1983.

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