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      RS 23:1636     


§1636.  Hearing officers; effects of findings

Notwithstanding any provision in this Chapter relative to conclusiveness and finality of administrative determinations, no findings of fact or law, judgment, opinion, conclusion, or final order made by an unemployment compensation hearing officer, administrative law judge, or any person with the authority to make findings of fact or law in any action or proceeding pursuant to the administration of this Chapter shall be conclusive or binding in any separate or subsequent action or proceeding.  Said determinations shall not be used as conclusive evidence in any separate or subsequent action or proceeding between an individual and his or her present or prior employer brought before an arbitrator, court, or judge of the state of Louisiana or the United States, regardless of whether the prior action was between the same or related parties or involved the same facts.

Acts 1988, No. 361, §1.

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