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      RS 23:1652     


§1652. Board of review; appointment and qualification of members; per diem compensation

            The board of review shall consist of five members appointed by the governor, with the consent of the Senate. The governor shall, immediately after the effective date of this Section, appoint the initial five members for overlapping terms of two, three, four, five and six years each. Their successors shall be appointed for six years each. The board shall elect a chairman; the election is to be held within thirty days after July one of each odd-number year. The board of review shall be composed of a representative from the public generally, two representatives from labor, and two representatives from management, each of whom shall be regarded as fairly representative because of his vocation, employment, or affiliation. Three members shall constitute a quorum. Each member shall be paid from the Employment Security Administration Fund ninety dollars per day of active service plus necessary travel expenses subject to the approval of the secretary, in conformity with agency travel regulations. The governor may at any time, after notice and hearing, and by and with the consent of the Senate, remove any member for cause. Vacancies shall be immediately filled for the unexpired terms by appointment by the governor, by and with the consent of the Senate.

            Amended by Acts 1950, No. 498, §11; Acts 1954, No. 503, §4; Acts 1956, No. 469, §1; Acts 1958, No. 163, §1; Acts 1960, No. 29, §1; Acts 1962, No. 260, §1; §1; Acts 1974, No. 608, §1; Acts 1977, No. 268, §1, eff. July 7, 1977; Acts 1988, No. 924, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1989; Acts 2004, No. 845, §1, eff. July 12, 2004.

NOTE: See Acts 1988, No. 924, §2.

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