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      RS 23:1663     


§1663.  Protection against self-incrimination

No person shall be excused from attending and testifying or from producing books, papers, correspondence, memoranda, and other records before the administrator, the board of review, an appeal referee, or any duly authorized representative of any of them, or in obedience to the subpoena of any of them in any cause or proceeding before them on the ground that the testimony or evidence, documentary or otherwise, required of him may tend to incriminate him or subject him to a penalty or forfeiture; but no individual shall be prosecuted or subjected to any penalty or forfeiture for or on account of any transaction, matter, or thing concerning which he is compelled, after having claimed his privilege against self-incrimination, to testify or produce evidence, documentary or otherwise, except for perjury committed in so testifying.

Acts 2001, No. 1165, §2.

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