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      RS 23:182     


§182.  Employers to keep records

Every person employing minors shall procure and keep on file an employment certificate for each minor, except for those minors employed in approved federally funded youth training programs and those minors employed in theatrical, modeling, motion picture or television production, musical occupations, or in other performing arts.  Such certificate shall be accessible on the job site, or in the immediate area of the work location, at all times to any officer charged with the enforcement of the provisions of this Chapter.

Amended by Acts 1976, No. 624, §2, eff. Aug. 4, 1976; Acts 1982, No. 498, §1; Acts 1992, No. 441, §1; Acts 2003, No. 671, §1, eff. June 27, 2003; Acts 2011, No. 177, §1.

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