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      RS 23:183     


§183. Persons authorized to issue

            A. Except as provided in Subsection B of this Section, employment certificates may be issued by either of the following:

            (1) The parish or city public school superintendent or by his designated representative.

            (2) By the principal of a public or private school or by his designated representative.

            B. If the student is a home study program participant, the employment certificate may be issued by any person authorized to issue an employment certificate pursuant to Subsection A of this Section.

            C. The name of each designated representative shall be submitted in writing for approval to the secretary of the Louisiana Workforce Commission or his designee. The superintendent of the parish, city, or other public school governing authority or his designee, or the private school principal or his designee shall completely fill out and electronically submit the Employment Certificate Interactive Form located on the Louisiana Workforce Commission's website. The employment certificate shall be printed online from the website from the information that has been entered onto the department's employment certificate database. The original employment certificate shall be signed by the minor and the issuing authority and presented to the minor for delivery to his employer.

            Amended by Acts 1982, No. 498, §1; Acts 1989, No. 512, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1990; Acts 1992, No. 447, §1, eff. June 20, 1992; Acts 1997, No. 1172, §4, eff. June 30, 1997; Acts 2001, No. 1032, §9; Acts 2003, No. 671, §1, eff. June 27, 2003; Acts 2007, No. 113, §3; Acts 2008, No. 743, §7, eff. July 1, 2008; Acts 2011, No. 177, §1; Acts 2012, No. 837, §1.

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