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      RS 23:2041     




§2041.  Legislative declaration

The legislature hereby declares:

(1)  That the existing vocational, technical, basic and remedial education, support services, employment, and job training programs systems lack statewide coordination and that this lack of statewide coordination makes it difficult to ascertain duplication of services and program impact, and more importantly, does not allow for a serious analysis to determine the responsiveness of the system in meeting the needs of both employers and individuals in need of program services.

(2)  That global economics and technological forces are creating a new knowledge-intensive economy that requires a highly adaptable and better educated workforce.  Yet, too many Louisiana citizens are not prepared for the skill requirements of the workplace.  Too many problems persist among our human resources that suggest a growing gap between the skills employers need and the skills both new and experienced workers bring to the labor market.  These problems include an unacceptable number of high school drop-outs, high school graduates who show serious skill deficiencies, and adults who are unemployed, are underemployed, or face dislocation in the future because of illiteracy or inadequate basic skills.

(3)  That the education and skill level of our human resources are the foundation of our economic prosperity and a means by which we can increase productivity, raise our standard of living, and lift our poor out of poverty.

Acts 1997, No. 1, §1, eff. April 30, 1997.

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