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      RS 23:391     


§391. Limitation

            Nothing in this Chapter or in any apprenticeship agreement approved pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter shall operate to invalidate any of the following:

            (1) An apprenticeship provision in any collective bargaining agreement between employers and employees establishing higher apprenticeship standards.

            (2) Any prohibition of employment discrimination contained in any Chapter of this Title, in any other Title of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, in federal law, or in any local ordinance.

            (3) Any special provision affecting veterans, minorities, or women which is not otherwise prohibited by law, executive order, or authorized regulation, contained in the apprenticeship program standards, apprentice qualifications, the operation procedure for the program, or the apprenticeship agreement.

            Acts 2014, No. 740, §1, eff. June 19, 2014; Acts 2016, No. 597, §1, eff. June 17, 2016.

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