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      RS 23:638     


§638.  Payment under retirement or other benefit plans; discharge of insurer, trustee or employee

A.  Whenever payment or refund is made to any employee, former employee or his beneficiary or estate pursuant to a written retirement, death or other employee benefit plan or savings plan, the payment or refund shall fully discharge the employer and any trustee or insurance company making payment or refund from all adverse claims thereto unless, before the payment or refund is made, the employer or former employer, where the payment is made by the employer or former employer, has received at its principal place of business within this state, written notice by or on behalf of some other person claiming to be entitled to the payment or refund or some part thereof or where a trustee or insurance company is making the payment, such notice has been delivered by the employer to the home office of the trustee or insurance company or has otherwise been received by the parties.  In the event the employee is deceased and a judgment of possession has been entered in  the succession, payment of money, or portions thereof, pursuant to the terms of the judgment of possession shall likewise fully protect the employer and any trustee or insurance company making such payment unless before the payment is made written notice of an adverse claim is received as provided herein.

B.  Nothing contained in this Section shall affect any claim or right to or on any such payment or refund or part thereof as between all persons other than the employer and the trustee or insurance company making a payment or refund.

Acts 1954, No. 367, §§1, 2.  Amended by Acts 1960, No. 58, §1; Acts 1966, No. 274, §1; Acts 2010, No. 175, §3.

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