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      RS 23:652     


§652.  Designation form

(1)  Any designation form permitted by a plan shall be valid for the purpose of naming a beneficiary, or selecting the mode of payment of plan benefits, or both.

(2)  A designation form need not be in testamentary form, nor authentic form, nor in any form other than that permitted or required by the plan.

(3)  As is provided by R.S. 23:638, benefits may be paid in reliance on a properly executed designation form until the payor receives notice of an adverse claim.

(4)  The designation form shall remain in effect until revoked, terminated, amended or modified as provided by the plan.  Unless otherwise specifically provided by the plan, a designation form is not deemed revoked, invalidated or otherwise affected by any act or occurrence which would have the effect of revoking, invalidating or otherwise affecting a will.

Added by Acts 1976, No. 494, §1.

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