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      RS 23:841     



§841.  Injunctions; limitation on courts' authority to issue

No court shall issue any restraining order or temporary or permanent injunction which in specific or general terms prohibits any person or persons from doing, whether singly or in concert, any of the following acts:

(1)  Ceasing or refusing to perform any work or to remain in any relation of employment regardless of any promise, undertaking, contract or agreement to do such work or to remain in such employment;

(2)  Becoming or remaining a member of any labor organization or of any employer organization, regardless of any such undertaking or promise as is described in R.S. 23:823;

(3)  Paying or giving to, or withholding from, any person any strike or unemployment benefits or insurance or other moneys or things of value;

(4)  Aiding any person by any lawful means, who is being proceeded against in, or is prosecuting any action or suit in any court of the United States or of any state;

(5)  Giving publicity to and obtaining or communicating information regarding the existence of, or the facts involved in, any dispute, whether by advertising, speaking, patrolling any public street or any place where persons may lawfully be, without intimidation or coercion, or by any other method not involving fraud, violence, breach of the peace, or threat thereof;

(6)  Ceasing to patronize or to employ any person or persons;

(7)  Assembling peaceably to do or to organize to do any of the acts heretofore specified or to promote lawful interests;

(8)  Advising or notifying any person or persons of an intention to do any of the acts heretofore specified;

(9)  Agreeing with other persons to do or not to do any of the acts heretofore specified;

(10)  Advising, urging, or inducing without fraud, violence, or threat thereof, others to do the acts heretofore specified, regardless of any such undertaking or promise as is described in R.S. 23:823;

(11)  Doing in concert of any or all the acts heretofore specified on the ground that the persons engaged therein constitute an unlawful combination or conspiracy.

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