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      RS 23:881     



§881.  Definition

As used in this Part, the term "agricultural laborers" means only those persons employed in the ginning processing cotton seed and compressing of cotton, the irrigation, harvesting, drying and milling of rice, the sowing, tending, reaping or harvesting of crops, livestock, or other agricultural products on farms and plantations or those persons employed in the processing of raw sugar cane into brown sugar where such persons or their employees are not directly connected or concerned with any operation to further process such cane; except that those persons working for the raisers of such cane may process sugar beyond the brown sugar stage for such raisers and still remain within the definition of agricultural laborers but except as provided above, such term does not include persons employed in mills, plants, factories, wholesale or retail sales outlets, or otherwise in the transportation, storage, preparation, processing or sale of such crops, livestock or produce, except for transportation by the grower of rice from the field to the mill, or initial storage warehouse, for transportation of cotton by the grower from the field to the gin, or for transportation of sugar cane by the grower from the field to the mill at which the cane is to be initially processed, and for the transportation of cotton seed from the gin to the mill.

Acts 1956, No. 397, §1.

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