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      RS 47:2301     




§2301.  Use value; defined

Use value of bona fide agricultural, horticultural and timber lands means the highest value of such land when used by a prudent agricultural, horticultural or timber operator for the sole purpose of continuing the operation, as a commercial agricultural, horticultural or timber enterprise, of an existing bona fide agricultural, horticultural or timber use.  Use value of bona fide marsh lands is the highest value of such land for the sole purpose of continuing the traditional use of the marsh lands for hunting, fishing, trapping or various types of aquaculture by a prudent manager of marsh lands.  Use value of such land shall be so established without reference to any other criteria of value particularly, but not as a limitation, without reference to fair market value or value to the public in general.

Added by Acts 1976, No. 702, §1, eff. Aug. 4, 1976; H.C.R. No. 88, 1993 R.S., eff. May 30, 1993; H.C.R. No. 1, 1994 R.S., eff. May 11, 1994.

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