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      CCP 3421     





Art. 3421. Small successions defined

            A. A small succession, within the meaning of this Title, is the succession or the ancillary succession of a person who at any time has died and the decedent's property in Louisiana has a gross value of one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars or less valued as of the date of death or, if the date of death occurred at least twenty years prior to the date of filing of a small succession affidavit as authorized in this Title, leaving property in Louisiana of any value.

            B. A small succession shall also include a succession of a person who has died testate, leaving no immovable property, and probate of the testament of the deceased would have the same effect as if the deceased had died intestate.

            Amended by Acts 1976, No. 187, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1977; Acts 1979, No. 71, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1980; Acts 1980, No. 582, §1; Acts 2009, No. 81, §1, eff. June 18, 2009; Acts 2011, No. 323, §1, eff. June 29, 2011; Acts 2012, No. 618, §1, eff. June 7, 2012; Acts 2017, No. 96, §1; Acts 2020, No. 173, §1.

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