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      HRULE 6.1     



Rule 6.1. Standing Committees; select committees

            A. There shall be sixteen standing committees of the House of Representatives whose duties respectively shall be to take into consideration all such subjects as properly pertain to the subjects and purposes assigned to each of them and which may be referred to them by the House. The sixteen standing committees of the House shall be the following:

            (1) Administration of Criminal Justice.

            (2) Appropriations.

            (3) Agriculture, Forestry, Aquaculture, and Rural Development.

            (4) Civil Law and Procedure.

            (5) Commerce.

            (6) Education.

            (7) Health and Welfare.

            (8) House and Governmental Affairs.

            (9) Insurance.

            (10) Judiciary.

            (11) Labor and Industrial Relations.

            (12) Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs.

            (13) Natural Resources and Environment.

            (14) Retirement.

            (15) Transportation, Highways and Public Works.

            (16) Ways and Means.

            B.(1) The Speaker may establish select committees for specific studies or investigations or other specified purposes.

            (2) The Speaker shall appoint the members of each select committee and designate the chairman and vice chairman of each select committee.

            (3) A select committee established pursuant to this Paragraph shall have the same powers, duties, and authorities and shall be subject to the same rules as standing committees. Specifically, each select committee is expressly granted the power and authority to hold hearings, subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, require the production of books and records, and to do all things necessary to accomplish the purpose assigned to it by the Speaker, in the same manner and subject to the same procedures provided in House Rule 14.51 for standing committees and joint committees and subcommittees thereof.

            Mason's Manual: Sec. 600-602

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