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      RS 25:31     



§31.  Legislative findings, statement of purpose

A.  The legislature finds that self-improvement, self-government, and economic self-sufficiency for all Louisiana citizens can be gained through the power of knowledge, and libraries are an important and irreplaceable source of such knowledge.  Accordingly, the legislature finds that:

(1)  Louisiana citizens have a right to adequate information to meet their individual needs.  

(2)  Louisiana citizens have a right to have their informational needs met in a timely manner even if the material is not in their local library.  

(3)  Louisiana citizens have a right to physically accessible, functional, convenient, and well-equipped libraries.  

(4)  Louisiana citizens have a right to be able to locate and use all information sources available.  

(5)  Louisiana citizens have a right to a wide range of services provided by professionally trained librarians and support staff.  

B.  It is, therefore, the determination of the legislature that all citizens of Louisiana shall have convenient access to all library resources, facilities, and services.  In order to provide such access and services it is essential that the funds be provided to assist libraries in meeting these needs.  Therefore, it is the purpose of this Subpart to provide for the establishment of a program through which the State Library of Louisiana may receive monies to expand and enhance its collections of materials for statewide loan, and award monies to local public libraries to expand and enhance their resources and the use thereof.  

Acts 1992, No. 210, §1.  

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