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Amendments to the LA Constitution of 1974
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Revised Statutes
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TITLE 1 General Provisions
TITLE 2 Aeronautics
TITLE 3 Agriculture and Forestry
TITLE 4 Amusements and Sports
TITLE 6 Banks and Banking
TITLE 8 Cemeteries
TITLE 9 Civil Code-Ancillaries
TITLE 10 Commercial Laws
TITLE 11 Consolidated Public Retirement
TITLE 12 Corporations and Associations
TITLE 13 Courts and Judicial Procedure
TITLE 14 Criminal Law
TITLE 15 Criminal Procedure
TITLE 16 District Attorneys
TITLE 17 Education
TITLE 18 Louisiana Election Code
TITLE 19 Expropriation
TITLE 20 Homesteads and Exemptions
TITLE 21 Hotels and Lodging Houses
TITLE 22 Insurance
TITLE 23 Labor and Worker's Compensation
TITLE 24 Legislature and Laws
TITLE 25 Libraries, Museums, and Other Scientific
TITLE 26 Liquors-Alcoholic Beverages
TITLE 27 Louisiana Gaming Control
TITLE 28 Mental Health
TITLE 29 Military, Naval, and Veteran's Affairs
TITLE 30 Minerals, Oil, and Gas and Environmental Quality
TITLE 31 Mineral Code
TITLE 32 Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulation
TITLE 33 Municipalities and Parishes
TITLE 34 Navigation and Shipping
TITLE 35 Notaries Public and Commissioners
TITLE 36 Organization of the Executive Branch
TITLE 37 Professions and Occupations
TITLE 38 Public Contracts, Works and Improvements
TITLE 39 Public Finance
TITLE 40 Public Health and Safety
TITLE 41 Public Lands
TITLE 42 Public Officers and Employees
TITLE 43 Public Printing and Advertisements
TITLE 44 Public Records and Recorders
TITLE 45 Public Utilities and Carriers
TITLE 46 Public Welfare and Assistance
TITLE 47 Revenue and Taxation
TITLE 48 Roads, Bridges and Ferries
TITLE 49 State Administration
TITLE 50 Surveys and Surveyors
TITLE 51 Trade and Commerce
TITLE 52 United States
TITLE 53 War Emergency
TITLE 54 Warehouses
TITLE 55 Weights and Measures
TITLE 56 Wildlife and Fisheries

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