Senate Committee on Health and Welfare
May 29, 2019
9:00 a.m.
John J. Hainkel, Jr. Room

* Agenda Revised May 28, 2019, 3:14 pm *
Revision Notes: Added HB 390


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 HCR22EDMONDSLEGISLATIVE COMMITTEES - Creates and provides for the Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee
 HCR34DAVISCHILDREN/NEWBORNS - Provides for the potential addition of mucopolysaccharidosis type I and Pompe disease to the state's newborn screening panel
 HCR48FOILHEALTH CARE/FACILITIES - Requests a study concerning the potential use of monitoring devices in the rooms of residents of intermediate care facilities for people with developmental disabilities
 HCR63STOKESELDERLY - Requests a study concerning prevention of elder abuse
 HCR70STAGNIHEALTH CARE/FACILITIES - Requests a study and report concerning the potential licensure of endovascular suites
 HCR73ARMESHEALTH CARE/PROVIDERS - Requests a study concerning the benefits and costs of online delivery of certain training required for medication attendants
 HCR80P.SMITHEXCEPTIONAL PERSONS - Establishes a study committee on policies concerning communication-related services for the deaf and hard of hearing in certain healthcare settings
 HCR89CARMODYMEDICAID - Requests a study concerning the potential delivery of Medicaid nonemergency transportation services by transportation network companies
 HB108PYLANTCHILDREN/NEWBORNS - Authorizes the installation and use of newborn safety devices at infant relinquishment sites designated in the Safe Haven Law
 HB169HOFFMANNHEALTH CARE - Authorizes a data system for collection of information on health effects and outcomes associated with medical marijuana (RE INCREASE SG EX See Note)
 HB199HORTONMEDICAID - Establishes the TEFRA option within the La. Medicaid program to serve children with disabilities (EN +$9,340,656 GF EX See Note)
 HB211HORTONMEDICAID - Provides relative to Medicaid coverage of certain behavioral health services
 HB243DUSTIN MILLERPUBLIC HEALTH - Provides relative to opioid data reporting
 HB284ABRAHAMDRUGS/PRESCRIPTION - Provides relative to prescribing and dispensing of opioid drugs
 HB373THOMASHEALTH CARE/FACILITIES - Provides for calculation of Medicaid per diem rates for certain intermediate care facilities for people with developmental disabilities (EG1 +$894,496 GF EX See Note)
 HB390MALINDA WHITEMEDICAID - Relative to reimbursement rates paid to providers of disability services (EN NO IMPACT See Note)
 HB433LEBASPHARMACISTS - Authorizes a pharmacist to decline to dispense a covered prescription drug if the coverage provider reimburses the pharmacy in an amount less than the drug's acquisition cost
 HB434MAGEEMEDICAID - Provides relative to definitions, policies, and procedures of Medicaid managed care organizations (EN NO IMPACT See Note)
 HB526HOFFMANNHEALTH/BEHAVIORAL - Prohibits the imposition of prior authorization requirements in Medicaid managed care organizations for certain prescription medications used in treating opioid use disorder (RE DECREASE SG RV See Note)
 HB538LEBASPHARMACISTS - Provides relative to pharmacy record audits
 HB619JIM MORRISHEALTH CARE/FACILITIES - Transfers management of the state's leasing of the John J. Hainkel, Jr., Home from the La. Dept. of Health to the LSU Health Sciences Center at New Orleans