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      RS 3:2308     


§2308.  Authority to search for and destroy infected bees and beekeeping equipment

A.  The state entomologist, or his agents and employees, may enter any depot, express office, storeroom, warehouse, or other premises for the purpose of inspecting any honeybees or beekeeping equipment therein when there is probable cause to conclude that the bees or beekeeping equipment are infected with any contagious or infectious diseases or to ascertain whether such bees may have been or are being transported in violation of this Part.

B.  No person shall interfere with the state entomologist or any of his agents who are making such inspection of properties or premises.

C.  If the state entomologist, or his agents, find any honeybees or beekeeping equipment infected with or exposed to any contagious or infectious diseases, he may require the destruction, treatment, or disinfection of such infected or exposed bees or beekeeping equipment.

D.  If the state entomologist, or his agents, find that any honeybees or beekeeping equipment has been brought into the state in violation of this Part, he may require the removal of the honeybees or beekeeping equipment from the state.

Acts 1984, No. 529, §1.

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