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      RS 39:24     


§24.  Official forecast

A.  The Revenue Estimating Conference shall establish an official forecast for each fiscal year which shall be derived and revised only as provided in this Part.  The official forecast shall include a forecast of all funds as defined in Article VII, Section 10(J) of the Constitution of Louisiana, and shall include an estimate of money available for appropriation from each dedicated fund.  Each such official forecast shall contain a designation of all money which is nonrecurring.  The conference shall designate all other money in each official forecast as recurring.  In addition, the conference may designate as nonrecurring any money available for appropriation from any source that is defined as nonrecurring in R.S. 39:2(27).

B.  The Revenue Estimating Conference may utilize whatever staff, information, and technical expertise which it may determine is required to derive or revise the official forecast.  The conference may request and shall receive from all public officers, departments, agencies, and authorities of the state and its political subdivisions such assistance and data as will enable the conference to fulfill its duties.

C.  The official forecast shall be published in the Louisiana Register and the official state journal and shall contain a statement of the economic assumptions and any other factors upon which it is based.

D.  The official forecast shall be derived and based upon the assumption that the current law and current administrative procedures will remain in effect for the forecast period.

E.(1)  The official forecast shall be determined by the Revenue Estimating Conference through a process to be decided by the conference except that any final action establishing an official forecast shall be taken only pursuant to a unanimous decision by all of the conference principals.

(2)  Notwithstanding the provisions of Paragraph (1) of this Subsection, any final action taken after May 1, 1995, as to the nature of revenues derived from the initial payment and any revenues from the operation of the temporary land-based casino for FY 1994-1995, including interest earnings under the terms of the casino operating contract, shall be taken only pursuant to a favorable vote by three-fourths of the conference principals.  In the event that said revenues are determined to be recurring pursuant to that vote, the official forecast may be adopted by a favorable vote of three-fourths of the conference principals for the applicable fiscal year to incorporate such recurring revenue.

F.  The Revenue Estimating Conference shall include a designated amount of the Budget Stabilization Fund in the official forecast of the appropriate fiscal year in accordance with the following:

(1)  The secretary of the Senate and the clerk of the House of Representatives shall notify the Revenue Estimating Conference in writing of the results of a ballot proposition, processed in accordance with R.S. 39:87, which approves the use of a designated amount of the fund as money available for appropriation for the specified fiscal year.

(2)  A copy of an approved concurrent resolution directing the Revenue Estimating Conference to incorporate the designated amount of the fund as money available for appropriation for the specified fiscal year.

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{{NOTE:  SEE ACTS 1993, NO. 809, §2.}}

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