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The Institution
How a Bill Becomes Law
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Abbreviations for Legislative Instruments

HCR House Concurrent Resolution
HR House Resolution
SCR Senate Concurrent Resolution
SR Senate Resolution
 ASUBSubstitute Adopted
 BL Became Law
 CALLSubject to Call
 CONSConsent Calendar
 DIS Discharged
 DUP Duplicate Bill Calendar
 FAV Favorably
 ISCLInvoluntary Subject to Call
 IP Indefinitely Postponed
 MAJSMajor State Calendar
 NGIVNotice Given Subject to Call
 REC Recommitted from
 RECARecalled from Calendar
 RECTRecommitted to Committee
 REG Regular Calendar
 REJ Rejected
 SI Signed
 SPEC Special Orders
 SUBS Subsititute Bill
 TABL Tabled
 UNF Unfavorably
 V Vetoed
 VO Veto Override
 WAMD With Amendments
 WD Withdrawn
 WOA Without Action
 WOAM Without Amendments
 CONC Concurrence
 FINLFinal Passage
 FLRFloor Action
 GOV Governor
 LBURLegislative Bureau
 SEC Secretary of State

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